Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A Piece Of Yesterday

It was two years ago when the final countdown was hold. We were in fourth year high school that time in a 3-storey building, simple classroom and simple corridor. It was our last year of a long hardship that we put in our high school days and it was probably meant the end of our friendship that we nurture since the beginning of our little dreams.

Some of us were excited to leave the high school life, some were eager to face the new beginning of life in college and some expressed their grievances and loneliness with saying that they didn’t know what would be their lives after graduation without their friends and peers.

While some of us were talking about the end of the road, one day my mapeh teacher ordered us to make a presentation which was our last performance in stage in front of our teachers and the students. It was a hard performance that we did rehearse with earnest enthusiasm and with our utmost performance.

We rehearse in my classmate house that has a wide space that able we to do the absurd, grotesque and annoying performance which made the tears of everyone fell down. It was not a jest to spend a lot of time in our rehearsal because the sun gave us a scorching heat that made us too dark while our stomach was in the state of hunger.

Before the last two days, circumstances and problems tested us. Some were quarreled and disgusted. But even that was happened, nobody got left behind. We continued our rehearsal until the day we waited was come.

All of us were ready. We were excited yet nervous or happy yet emotional. We were minded that after that day the next thing to happen was our graduation. It was Thursday afternoon of March 13, 2008. We called the event as a “DIAMOND’D FAREWELL PRESENTATION.” The program started with the doxologies with the accompaniment of the songs “Shout to the Lord” and “We’ll Follow You.” Right after that, our dancers’ classmate started to impress the audience with their songs “Low” by Florida and “Bartender” by Akon. A very nice imitation of the commercial “Lucky Me” brought down the house and the two big events that we prepared was seen. The first was our heart-rending interpretation of the song “Bulag, Pipi at Bingi.” The final part was our chanted that was all about to our characters with a poem that we offered to our beloved teachers who gave us a lot of knowledge and stood as our second mom. Immediately, after the performance, unexpected thing happened. Everybody cried, hugged and said goodbyes to each other. Some of us were reconciled and gave their promises, remembrance and letters.

The day of all days was come. The day of our last sits in our chairs that had been a part of our everyday lives, our “GRADUATION DAY.” That was so emotional and memorable. Every one of us was happy because we made it but some were sad. In the middle of the program it seemed so grotesque because of a wrong song that was played. Instead of “I’ll Be There” by Aiza Seguerra, it was by Mariah Carey which compelled us to sing acappella.

The night after our graduation was the night of love confession. Some were talked earnestly, some were still had no courage to confess and some were confessed their love inside “THE TENT.”

That was just a story of a new beginning. We had to face the life after that and we had to prepare for more difficult circumstances. After our high school life some were disappeared, some were continued to love and to break, some were forgotten and some still celebrating a simple occasion as a symbol of unity and our friendship.

I, myself, the one who always not to forget, is writing a blog to reminisce the memories of our past. My purpose is to make everyone to recall about our past that had been a part of their selves and to help me find the “OTHER PIECES OF YESTERDAY.”

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