Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A Famous Life

A pleasant morning approaches me. This day is expected to be the day of happiness and compliment the same as the other days which passed. I am now heading to school but inevitably, a lot of my die-hard fans lingering around and greet me even I don’t know them. This is the natural cycle of my everyday life. A lot of autographs, taking pictures and sending smiles that make them shivering and shrieking.

When I am near at the entrance of school, a lot of girls take their own position to be the first to see and greet me. Even the girls which I had relationship and I made cry before is still there waiting and hoping for me.

When my professor is calling me to answer her questions, the room seems to be a stadium because of strenuous screaming and shivering that always make the class suspended.

When I am back home, I am so annoying when my mom ordering me to go to grocery store. The reason is when I am going to store a lot of fans especially girls are lingering and following me. That’s why it takes almost three hours at the store before I come back home because of people who want to have my autographs and requesting to have an immortalize image with me.

But to be famous is not easy. Sometimes it makes me dreary. Sometimes I don’t know how to divide my time for my two hundred fifty six girlfriends that are always at EDSA and indulging to see my billboards that cause a long traffic.

Sometimes to be famous is to be busy. Sometimes I have to disguise and I always have to smile in front of public even deep inside I have a problem. This is how to live in famous life. It’s happy, great, tiresome and sometimes sad.

One day, my mom awakened me due to a long nightmare. And then that time I woke up with factuality. All of that was just a dream. The famous life that I want to have is just a product of my imagination. I’m always looking for the attention of people and dreaming to be famous in the world. All of that was just a ridiculous dream that is still hard to succeed.

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